The Kalinga Fellowship

A 12-Month Programme,
starting from November 2022

Bringing together the most progressive leaders
to facilitate breakthroughs in thinking and action in
combatting human trafficking.

The Kalinga Fellowship brings together expertise, knowledge, and above all, a commitment to shared common objectives in exploring models of solutions. Our focus is on action and impact.


The Kalinga Fellowship is a systems change societal leadership platform to facilitate a breakthrough in thinking and strategy on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 that concerns gender equality. Within the SDG5, the Fellowship has concentrated on issues related to gender-based violence. 

The Kalinga Fellowship brings together expertise, knowledge, and above all, a commitment to shared common objectives in exploring models of solutions. Each year, the Fellowship focuses on a specific issue within the broad theme of gender-based violence.

This process is facilitated by Bridge facilitators and Partner Organisations that have varied expertise in working together to stop gender-based violence.

Our Focus 2022-2023:
How can the leaders of the Government, Business sector and Civil Society come together to combat human trafficking in South Asia?

This is an opportunity to #DemandChange and work alongside some of the most influential societal leaders of our time.


 Dr. Achyuta Samanta
who has founded the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences and Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, the World’s largest indigenous institutions offering free education to 100,000 children

Mamta Borgoyary
CEO of FXB India Suraksha, a non-profit that directly benefits 500,000 women and children across 15 states in India. 

Dr. Praveen Kumar
A pioneering social activist and a Former Senior Police Officer & State Secretary whose work in providing education for 160,000 disadvantaged children has been captured in the film Poorna.

P. Vijayan
is Inspector General, Police, Kerala, India. He leads the groundbreaking programme known as Student Police Cadets. After a National rollout the programme was 
introduced in 12,000 schools across India positively impacting the lives of 800,000 students. 

Shona Tatchell
is the CEO, Founder of Halotrade, a Fintech start-up building systems to incentive a sustainable future for global trade, by directly connecting intelligent preferential finance solutions with supply chain ESG performance.

Neil Giles
Neil has spent 36 years in UK Law enforcement. His specialist area is intelligence collection and his knowledge of organised crime and human trafficking is extensive. He has been working with Stop the Traffik since 2008 as Director Intelligence. He took the lead of the newly formed Traffik Analysis Hub in late 2019.

Phil Brewer

Phil Brewer
Phil Brewer is a specialist advisor on modern slavery at the Human Trafficking Foundation. He also works as a consultant developing and delivering a diverse range of strategic and tactical prevention projects. He works with a wide range of organisations including Beyond Borders Scotland, Research in Practice, Gentium UK and 

Join our next Kalinga Fellowship

This is a one-year programme, starting 1st November 2022, with a five-day breakthrough event in
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, 12th – 16th December 2022.