Our Mission

Our Purpose

Kalinga Fellowship is a global fellowship of business leaders, government officials and civil society leaders which facilitates a transformational leadership model that will end globally sexual violence against women and children.

About the initiative

Created by three partner organisations, The Bridge Institute, Ashoka and the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences the first fellowship was convened in April 2017 in the Indian State of Odisha. From that successful and productive intervention, a 10-year commitment was formed in an MOU signed in March 2017 to operationalise the nine strategic action plans that emerged from the first fellowship and to create similar programmes to establish zero tolerance of sexual assault on women and children across Asia.

The initiative is a concrete step toward designing a common and shared vision and a living example of converting the SDG blueprint “to go from the world we have, to the world we want to have”.

Kalinga Fellowship 2019

Impressions from the first Kalinga Fellowship in 2017