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The Kalinga Fellowship was co-founded by 4 Partners


Bridge specialises in leadership, senior team development, transforming organisation culture and facilitating strategic change. Bridge works, almost exclusively, with some of the world’s most forward-looking companies and government institutions.


Bridge Institute

The Bridge Institute brings business, government and civil leaders together to solve the seemingly impossible problems of our time. The Institute prepares the leaders who want to change the world with the leadership skills to do so.
The Bridge Institute acts as a catalyst for change, brokering key stakeholders (political leaders, civil leaders, youth leaders, etc.) to build their capacity to lead in partnership and collaborate on their shared societal challenge. We bring these leaders together with the world’s leading experts and change makers so they can collaborate and contribute to critical thinking and problem solving. By preparing these extraordinary people with leadership skills to be a force for good, by transforming mind sets and connecting communities we are able to contribute to the vision of a more peaceful, fair and prosperous society.


FXBIS (FXB India Suraksha)

FXB India Suraksha is a not-for-profit organisation, focused to provide developmental assistance to marginalized children, families and communities in rural and urban India. FXBIS works to reduce vulnerabilities in context with poverty, health, education, and security. With the vision to see an India in which children and communities lead self-reliant and empowered lives FXBIS aims to ensure that every child achieves her/his potential in a healthy, poverty free and protective environment.
Today, FXBIS works in different pockets across 14 Indian states and union territories and reaches out to over 3,00,000 people through its community-based multi- sectoral programmes and interventions.


Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS)

KISS was formed by Dr. Achyuta Samanta, a visionary social architect who embarked on a social development mission in 1992, using education as the strategic medium to eradicate poverty and alienation from the surface of the earth, a goal envisaged today by global leaders that form a key part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Samanta is a man of action – amongst his many achievements, he has built the Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS), the world’s largest fully-free residential institute for 30,000 poor indigenous aborigine children. It provides education, accommodation, food, health care, study material, clothing, vocational training, sports, computer education etc. to the students totally free of cost. KISS has been accorded UN Consultative Status by United Nations. Recently, KISS has entered the list of top 500 NGOs in the world.


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Bridge Institute
International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children
Mekong Club
Mission for Better Tomorrow (MBT)
Sewa International
Stop the Traffik
Traffik Analysis Hub
UN Women

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