Here are some common questions about the Kalinga Fellowship.
About the
What is the Kalinga Fellowship?

The Kalinga Fellowship is a collaborative, collective impact global platform on Sustainable Development Goal 5. The Fellowship facilitate breakthrough solutions and strategies to advance gender equality through a unique design thinking and systems thinking approach and methodology.

How is the programme structured?

Each team will embark on a year long implementation programme, after a five-day breakthrough event, optimising the solutions. The solutions will be implemented into the world through test-and-learn cycles. The focus of each team will be on action and impact.

The programme teaches and utilises progressive leadership and strategy tools. It is facilitated by experts from BRIDGE and the Bridge Institute.

Each delegate will be supported and trained to transform their personal agency, mindsets, behaviours and capabilities to develop their societal leadership.

What is the time commitment?

The Fellowship comprises a five day breakthrough event in December 2022. Exact dates and times will be confirmed on application. 

It is an expectation that everyone who comes will take the work forward – how much time this will take will vary dependant on the commitments they make.

What is the criteria for Kalinga Fellows?

To qualify as a Kalinga Fellow, the candidates:  

  • Will be thoughtful, committed and respected and be an inspirational leader/position within their professional fields and within their larger community;
  • Should display a growth(learning) mindset, should be open and curious, ready to learn from mistakes, rather than always believing that they are right;
  • Be positioned at a senior management level in the organisation and play a role in overall decision making within the organisation. They should have the legitimacy and agency to influence/change policy decisions within the organisation;
  • Should be innovative, creative and reflect entrepreneurial spirit in their approach to social problems. During the screening process, candidates will be assessed on their ability to set goals and arrive at solutions to problem through transformational innovation.
  • Should have no criminal cases, corruption case, vigilance or sexual harassment case against them.
Can groups apply together?
Several people from one organisation can of course apply – but each needs to apply individually.
How will Kalinga Fellows be selected?

An initial screening process will be held in which each candidate will be asked to write a 500 word essay on a topic that includes a problem and their proposed solution.

For example ‘What are your aspirations for joining the Kalinga Fellowship?‘, The candidates will be assessed against the above general criteria mentioned above. 

After submission the selected fellows will receive a confirmation email within two weeks.   

Expenses related to travel and accommodations?
Travel – The fellows must bear the cost of travel between their homes and the nearest airport to the Venue. 
Any journey in connection with the fellowship programme, including field trips will be taken care of by the Secretariat. 
Accommodations – The Secretariat arranges the accommodation of all the fellows prior to their departure from their home countries. Please convey in advance if you do not need the assistance.  
Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at secretariat@kalingafellowship.org.