About the Fellowship

How can the senior leaders of the government, business sector and civil society come together to combat trafficking of women and children globally?

SDG5: Gender Equality

Target 5.2 of #SDG5 on Gender Equality specifically addresses the issue of trafficking and calls for countries to, “Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation.”  This goal conceives trafficking and exploitation as a form of gender discrimination and violence against women.

Who we’re looking for

To qualify as a Kalinga Fellow, the candidates:  

  • Will be thoughtful, committed and respected and be an inspirational leader/position within their professional fields and within their larger community;
  • Should display a growth (learning) mindset, should be open and curious, ready to learn from mistakes, rather than always believing that they are right;
  • Be positioned at a senior management level in the organisation and play a role in overall decision making within the organisation. They should have the legitimacy and agency to influence/change policy decisions within the organisation;
  • Should be innovative, creative and reflect entrepreneurial spirit in their approach to social problems. During the screening process, candidates will be assessed on their ability to set goals and arrive at solutions to problem through transformational innovation.
  • Should have no criminal cases, corruption case, vigilance or sexual harassment case against them.

The Process

Fellows will participate in a facilitated five-day strategy event where they will learn the most contemporary leadership methods, collaborate with each other and collectively push their strategies forward. In addition, every business, government and civil leader will be matched with a professional leadership coach, for one year afterwards.

Our three high level objectives:

To build a set of recommended strategies that will end globally sexual violence against women and children.
To provide each participant with the most contemporary and progressive leadership techniques, skills & methods to enable them to lead for the agenda, both at the Fellowship event and afterwards.
To create a cohesive governance team who will work together to drive these strategies through after the event.

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9 - 13 December 2019 | Delhi, India
Online application is now open.

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The Kalinga Fellowship experience

We want to bring together the most progressive leaders to end globally sexual violence against women and children. Hear from Dr. Praveen Kumar what makes the Kalinga Fellowship experience so unique.